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Here's all the stuff you need to know, use, and focus on. Reach out to your YPC if you have questions!

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Miracle Milestones

As you continue to raise money on Team Raiser, you'll win prizes throughout the year! Check your fundraising progress on your personal fundraising page, and keep fundraising to get to the next level.

πŸ’²50: Terrific Team Member β†’ Get a Shout-Out on YP's Instagram

πŸ’²100: Fantastic Fundraiser β†’ Swag Bag of Goodies

πŸ’²175: Devoted Dancer β†’ BuckeyeThon Team Member Shirt

πŸ’²250: YP Miracle Maker β†’ Reusable Straw & Free Food Vouchers

πŸ’²350: Buckeye Boogier β†’ Bucket Hat

πŸ’²500: Hemophilia Hero β†’ Portable Charger

πŸ’²1000: BuckeyeThon Miracle Maker β†’ BuckeyeThon Miracle Maker Crew Neck